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Friday, September 14, 2007

One hurdle down, many more to go

We heard back from our doctor's office and we have, after further consideration, been accepted for the shared risk IVF program. This came as a big relief to us but as with any hurdle in the IF world, once you clear it your mind is already on to the next one. We are extremely grateful that we have the opportunity for a monetary safety net. With no insurance coverage and still some debate as to exactly how we will shoulder this debt, any financial reassurance is a boost. We are now looking toward the next steps, which are complicated by the fact that an infection showed up on Husband's SPA test. This is the second time an analysis has revealed infection for him and the doctors don't know why it is happening. His side of the equation suffers from the presence of the infection so we need to wait until it is out of his system before we get down to the business of IVF (now with ICSI). This being said, timing becomes a bit of a puzzle with a few possible solutions. Do we start the BCPs and hope that we get the all clear from the urologist or do we wait 100% until we know he's good to go? We can't seem to reach an agreement on that. Of course I'm the one who is anxious to begin. For now we are cooling our heels and letting Cipro do its job (we hope).


Amanda said...

Congratulations on the approval!

May the Cipro and your patience both be strong!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Great news on the acceptance! Wish I could offer some knowledgeable opinion on how to approach the BCPs but I'll leave that to the more informed experts. Here's hoping you get more clarity and answers VERY soon.