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Friday, September 28, 2007

7 Things

First I need to apologize for being a little behind in posting. Work craziness took over my life this week! Due to my lack of presence on the web I missed Pamela Jeanne tagging me to share seven habits/quirks/facts about myself: http://coming2terms.com/2007/09/19/the-magnificent-seven-hardly.aspx . I must preface this by saying there is no way I can hold a candle to Pamela's list! I consider myself (unfortunately) about as vanilla as they come. However, try I must!

1. There are four girls in my family and all of our names begin with "K." My parents would tell you this wasn't really intentional. It provided entertainment when one of us was in trouble and my mom or dad had to struggle through all of our names before reaching that of the guilty party.

2. My husband is first generation Italian (OK this is more of an unusual fact about him but I am claiming it by marriage) and holds duel US/Italian citizenship. The majority of his relatives are still in Italy and we have been fortunate enough to go visit family there a few times.

3. When I come home from work I love having some quiet alone time to decompress. On nights when husband isn't home he likes to call and chat, usually about nothing in particular. I try to do my best to feign interest but really I like nothing more than to be left alone for a while. I think it stems from talking on the phone all day at work. I crave quiet when I get home.

4. I'm a bit of an entertainment news junkie. I think the mindlessness of entertainment news is more palatable to me than hard news. Also, in a strange way watching stories about the exploits of young, silly celebrities with too much money and not enough brain cells or moral fiber makes me feel better about myself.

5. I like being tall. While I'm not overly or ridiculously blessed in the height department, at 5'9" I am a fair amount taller than most of my friends. That being said, my "little" sister would take issue with my claiming to be tall as she is just a shade under 6'.

6. I HATE mayonnaise! This includes 'Miracle Whip' and any other mayonnaise-type product ever invented. I also detest sour cream and most other savory, white, creamy substances. When I was growing up I would gag if I had to wash a dish with mayonnaise on it.

7. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about this season: fall leaves, apple orchards, Oktoberfest celebrations, football season, warm clothes, pumpkin patches. Even though a few of these are positively riddled with families withstrollers and babies being photographed by corn stalks, I still can't help myself. Where I live it comes and goes so quickly that I try to enjoy it while it lasts.

OK, that's about the best I can do. Now to tag a few others, I choose peesticksandstones and Kami of Are We There Yet . Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Pamela Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing more about yourself. We share quite a bit in common: I'm tall (like your sister, a shade under 6'); I detest Mayonnaise and white, creamy, savory substances, too; and I'm a fan of entertainment news, quiet time and, Fall. Are you a long lost twin sister or something??

JJ said...

Good list! I have to tell ya--I love me some mayo ;)

Kami said...

Oh geez! I am behind. I skipped this one when I caught up on the rest of your posts earlier . . . saved it for later. Now is later.

I will get on to my 7 things soon!

So - I have three sisters and our names all start with a "K" too. What are the odds?