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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chugging Along...(updated)

Live in the present. Do the things that need to be done. Do all the good you can each day. The future will unfold. -Peace Pilgrim

I thought the above quote was fitting for today. It is day 5 of stims and so far I think we are on track (trying to see just how far I can take this train metaphor. :) I had my first ultrasound to check follicles this morning. Don't remember the exact counts and sizes but I know I had six measurable ones on the right, with about 10 small ones. One of the measurables was pretty large and it will probably end up being the odd one out as we wait for the others to catch up. I think there were about three measurables on the left with about 15 small ones. My lining was at 7.3. I haven't been asking my E2 numbers because I think less knowledge is sometimes better with me. The less I know the less I can drive myself crazy analyzing. I do know that My E2 on Sunday was in the 300 range. My RE dropped my follistim dose to less than half of what it had been, which seems to have been his plan all along. I am waiting to hear from my clinic to find out the plan for my next u/s. As it stands now I would go in on Thursday/Thanksgiving. There was some hemming and hawing about this between the nurse and front desk staff so I will get the final word later today. It's possible they will have me come tomorrow and Friday instead, but ultimately it is my RE's call. So I'm chugging along...feeling pretty good and managing not to obsess about the details so far. Due to the aforementioned appointment schedule we will be spending a quiet holiday at home, just me, husband, and stepson. Much easier than traveling to any of our families' homes and trying to juggle schedules, injections, and excuses as nobody is aware of our current situation. We're keeping it simple. Wishing all of you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!

Today's estradiol is 853. Not really sure what that means but I guess they are happy with it.


Grad3 said...

So glad to see an update! I have been checking lots lately, wondering how it was all going.

It sounds like it's all on "track" for you- such good news! I hope that your follies keep looking lovely and you enjoy your quiet holiday together. Please keep us posted!! ~Lots of hugs~

Kate said...

Glad things are on track!!

I agree -- less information is often better. We don't have the training to properly interpret it all, and anyway we never have the whole picture, just bits and pieces, so all we can do is stress ourselves out.

Keeping a good thought...
(as they say. this is easier for me to do on behalf of others than for myself).

gracechild said...

Hope it all stays on track. Enjoy your holidays.